Windows 10 – Better, Faster and Free

In the 90s, NASA’s official mantra was “better, faster, cheaper.”  It had a nice ring to it, however upon review, they determined that it was unreasonable to expect all three.  They concluded that the best you can hope for is two out of three.  You can have better and faster, but it’ll cost you.  Cheaper and faster will sacrifice quality and so on.  I have found an exception.  Windows 10:  Better, Faster, and Free.

In my opinion, Windows 10 is the best operating system that Microsoft has ever released.  I’ve worked with all of the major updates since Windows was first released to home users.  Every new version had its angry detractors.  Some of their concerns were warranted but most turned out to be unfounded.  Many of you have read the naysayers’ opinions online.  You may know someone have who had a bad experience with the upgrade.  I’ve even come out to help a few of you, but it’s been my experience in upgrading client’s PCs for a year is that it works as advertised.  The process is not perfect, but it’s reasonably painless.

I understand how users are bothered by Microsoft’s persistent, nagging reminders, but ultimately resistance is futile.  Unless you quit using Windows altogether, you will eventually be using Windows 10.  If not on your current computer, it’ll be on your next Windows PC.

Once installed, you will also find Windows 10’s look and feel familiar.  It has a start button like Window 7, but does away with the Windows 8.1 full-screen start page.  You can put your icons on your desktop or in the quick launch like before.  Your icons will still be on your desktop and your documents, music, pictures, etc. will be right where you left them.  There are some things you will have to learn, and some things that you will need to get used to, but it shouldn’t take you long.  You should be able to start working immediately.

Finally, Microsoft is not kidding about the deadline July 29th deadline. You will pay $129 for Windows 10 if you upgrade Sunday.

My advice to my clients is that they should upgrade to Windows 10 while it is still free.  Offer ends Saturday.