Not Just for Bad Guys Anymore

When you come home at night, do you draw the shades? You don't close the shutters or dim the lights because you have a meth lab in your living room. You just don't want people driving by looking in your windows. We just like our privacy at home. If you value your privacy online too, you need a virtual private network or VPN.

These days it's hard to get most people to agree on anything, but I think that I have finally found something on which we can all agree. I contend that there is not a single one of us wants our own personal browsing history to be sold to advertisers without our permission. Agreed?

Well, it just got personal. It is now absolutely legal for your Internet company to sell your browsing history to advertising companies, or whomever, without your consent. I can't make this stuff up. On April, 3 2017, the government reversed an FCC rule entitled "Protecting the Privacy of Customers of Broadband and Other Telecommunications Services."

Protecting Your Online Privacy

Protecting Your Online Privacy

Here's where Rescue My Gadget swoops in and saves the day. We can help you implement a VPN. It is an easy, effective way to keep your browsing history private. It does this by creating a secure "pipe" through your Internet service provider. If they can't see your browsing history, they can't sell your browsing history. Rescue My Gadget is now in the VPN business. I have partnered with Private Internet Access™. Their service is $39.95 per year. I use these guys. They are among the highest rated VPN providers.

How Does a VPN Work?

I evaluated VPN service providers and chose to offer Private Internet Access™ to my customers. I've used them for about a year, and I found their service stable and fast. The interface was easy to use. In addition to keeping your history private at home, it can also protect your privacy when using public WiFi. The service offers unlimited bandwidth, keeps no traffic logs, and is easy to setup. You can set it up on up to 5 devices including PC, Laptop, iPad, Android, iPhones, and just about anything that uses the internet. I found them reasonably priced. There are free VPNs out there, I strongly suggest you go with a paid version.