We have used Rescue My Gadget a few times and the service is second to none. My first problem was one that others said could not be fixed. Tom was able to do his magic and restore "lost" data. Dealing with him is always pleasant - he is extremely knowledgeable, punctual and his charges are very fair. I highly recommend the company.

New issue, Feb., 2021. I was getting frustrated (like many others) with a Zoom issue while using a PC. Every Thursday night I'd get the external camera and audio set for an early Friday Zoom meeting. Friday comes and either the video was sporadic and/or the audio caused problems for all 40+ participants. After Zoom failed about 3 different times and buying two new cameras, I contacted Tom. As always he was very responsive and anxious to help. Tom was able to fix the problem by suggesting some setting changes (which I thought I'd read about every scenario) and viola, FIXED. I was delighted!



Tom is not only a great guy, but he is very good at what he does. He has built us a couple of gaming computers, set up all of our business computers, and fixes any issues we have had with our home and business computers. I don't trust anyone else to work on my computers.

David Popper


The owner of the company, Tom Danisi, is absolutely the best. The computer and it's databases can become the central nervous system of a persons business. Tom comes across like the captain of a jet when oncoming bad weather approaches with a calm and cool demeanor that says, "You're Going to Be Alight', I got you". I highly recommend Tom as a trusted person to do what's right for you and your computer.

Jeff Havens


Great experience. He came to my house, took the laptop and returned it fixed the next day. I would definitely recommend this company.

Martha Murphy


Tom is the best. He is honest, reliable, knowledgeable and kind- a real people person with high tech knowledge. He has modest fees for the quality work he performs. When your computer has problems you need assistance quickly. Tom provides that also. You'll be safe and well taken care of in his hands.

Kade Mast


Tom was incredibly professional and quick at diagnosing the issue with my PC. He even offered to loan me a graphics card until I could buy a replacement one. Absolutely recommend this company to anyone who needs their computer serviced.

Addison Payden


I have used Rescue My Gadget a few times and the service is Better by far than others I have used. My latest problem was one with MS outlook causing my contacts and calendar to disappear. It was a really tricky problem and not an easy fix.
Tom did his magic and restored the contacts and calendar. Dealing with him is always pleasant - he is extremely knowledgeable, stays with the problem until its fixed and his charges are more than fair. He is definitely my go to Technician. I highly recommend Tom and the company.

Bill Henry


I can't thank Tom enough for everything he did! I messed up and accidentally formatted my external hard drive. ugh. He recovered my 4TB external hard drive with very important photos (including photos of my son's first year)! We're SO incredibly grateful for his services and lucky to have found him. He recovered about 90% of what was on the drive but made sure to recover 100% of the items I told him were important! He's fair, honest and great at communicating progress of the recovery. Thank you so incredibly much Tom! Highly recommend!

KT Anderson


Tom at Rescue My Gadget is the best. He is very knowledgeable and was quick to respond when my Laptop had serious problems, when doing a windows update. He restored my lost documents, bookmarks, and software. He had everything working great in a matter of minutes. I would highly recommend Tom for your computer issues.

Joe Schalansky


I strongly recommend Rescue my Gadget. In a world of introverts, Tom at Rescue My Gadget is a patient, kind, and well spoken dude. He is willing to work with you to find the most economical solution for your needs. His transparency, speed of service, and clarity when explaining issues is second to none. If you are tired of dealing with techies who throw around jargon to cover up what they dont know, call Tom. You wont regret it. He still believes in customer service.

Jeff C.


He was great and HONEST aswell as AFFORDABLE PRICING ! Got my new Dell Latitude 7000 series resolved same day and very satisfied! Will be back for sure

Sung Kim


I would highly recommend Tom! We have used Rescue My Gadget for many years and Tom has never let us down. Fair prices and always speedy to respond. Service is second to none!

HappyFeet Legends International


Tom is an absolute lifesaver. I first used his services a couple of years ago after I took my fried computer to a brick-and-mortar shop and they told me they couldn't fix it. Tried Tom and within hours I was up and running again. Since then, I call upon him every time I have a glitch, big or small. I run my own small business out of my house and cannot afford to be without my computer. I've even recently called on him to do the shopping for a new computer for me when I didn't have time. He's helped my father out as well, and has helped my daughter (away at college) remotely with instructions over the phone about how to clean up problems with her computer. A super guy with affordable pricing and great customer care!

Carey Gillam


Tom went above and beyond when we needed him the most! I would highly recommend him.

Becky Ludovissie


I called Tom to inquire if he works on tablets. My Samsung Tab 4 wouldn't boot up. He was very helpful and talked me through a factory reset on my tablet over the phone. Problem solved! I was thinking I was going to have to buy a new one. I have never had any service done at the store but from my experience speaking with him on the phone I highly recommend Rescue My Gadget:)

Randall Ray


We have used Rescue My Gadget a few times and the service is second to none. My first problem was one that others said could not be fixed. Tom was able to do his magic and restore "lost" data. Dealing with him is always pleasant - he is extremely knowledgeable, punctual and his charges are very fair. I highly recommend the company.

Peter Ptar


I found Rescue My Gadget in a google search for computer repair in Overland Park KS. It was a very good decision. Tom helped was very helpful. He was able to remotely check my computer to see if it was something simply fixed by myself (I was having trouble with a Windows 10 install) and when it was found to be not a simple issue, he arranged to pick up the computer at my work!

Tom is really a nice guy and I highly recommend this Company. It beats going to one of the big mega computer stores where every service they provide involves draining your bank account by a guy with a Star Fleet lapel.

Ben Thomas


Rescue My Gadget is my go-to company for any IT needs. Tom Danisi is knowledgeable, honest, candid about what the outcome will be and very personable. He has saved me several times when technology wasn't working as it needed to for my small business! I highly recommend him!

Amanda Moses


I have used Rescue My Gadget for years. They are the only people I trust with my computers. Careful, efficient, helpful. The best gadget people I've been lucky enough to find.

Shelly Doyle


Tom is competent, knowledgeable, hardworking, and honest. I recommend him highly.

Ann Ramsey


Rescue My Gadget has been my go-to expert for my computers, phones, wireless devices. Tom is a genius at diagnosing the problems and resolving all issues. He is accessible, knowledgeable, and personable! When I purchase new computers, I always include him in the selection...

Amanda M.


Another new computer with a few new issues. Again we contacted Rescue My Gadget for some oddball data transfer issues. They were very quick to respond and saved my sanity. As usual, Tom was pleasant and discussed the processes at my level.

Peter P.


My computer went dead and I called Rescue My Gadget. Tom tried to help me fix it over the phone to no avail. He came out the very next day and in a short time, he had it up and running. This is not the first time I have used Rescue My Gadget. I can only say the service was...

Jan S.