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Online Backup Services

By now everyone understands the importance of a reliable computer backup.

We have all heard a cautionary tale, or maybe even experienced computer data loss for ourselves. A failed drive, basement flood, laptop theft or a virus or ransomware infection can mean can mean the loss of a lifetime of photos, documents, videos, financial information and other irreplaceable data. Sometimes a data can be recovered but sometimes data recovery is not possible. If your backup storage is important you must preform a Mac or Windows backup regularly, reliably, and securely.

There are two common methods of computer backup, using a separate, physical drive, such as an external hard drive or a USB flash drive or using backup software to do an online backup. Backing up to an external drive, is better than nothing, but overall a poor choice, as physical drives are vulnerable to:

  • Catastrophes
  • Ransomware
  • Viruses
  • Breakage
  • Incomplete backups
  • Forgetfulness

A much better alternative is an online backup.

Online or "Cloud" backup means using backup software to keep your computer data secured and encrypted on an online internet server. Your data backup cannot be accessed by anyone but you.
Your backup file is continuously updated. When you add a picture or create a document, your information is automatically added to your backup storage. You no longer need to remember to take any action. Your data backup is safe and automatic. Using online backup software is as easy as signing up with a reliable company and installing their backup software on your PC. That's it.
After an extensive evaluation of several online backup service providers, Rescue My Gadget recommends:


Carbonite provides online backup and Mac or Windows backup services for individuals and businesses alike. The Carbonite product suite provides a full complement of online computer backup, disaster recovery and high availability solutions for anyone or any size business. We recommend Carbonite for your backup storage needs.

If you or your business need help implementing an online data backup storage solution. We can help. Call Rescue My Gadget at 913-825-6830 to schedule an appointment.