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Data Recovery

Stop using your computer immediately, if you have accidentally deleted or lost important files that must be recovered! Do not attempt recovery yourself.

In Microsoft XP, Microsoft Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 data deleted from your Recycle Bin still exists on your hard drive until it is over-written by computer activity. The chance of getting your data back decreases as you use your computer. The sooner you stop using your computer, the better the chance that you can get your data back. Hard drive failures happen most often by data being corrupted If your hard drive has experienced a rare physical or mechanical crash, you must stop activity as soon as possible so you don't further damage the drive. Rescue My Gadget is a data recovery expert and can, in most cases, inexpensively perform:

  • Recovery damaged files
  • Hard drive recovery
  • Recovery of deleted files
  • Recovery of files erased by a virus
  • Files encrypted by virus
  • Recovery of information lost on a failed USB drive
  • Recovery of photos accidentally deleted from a memory card
  • Recover external hard drive data
  • Recovery from a hard drive failure

Complete Hard Drive Failure

Unfortunately, sometimes hard drives just break. The electronics can go bad, read-write heads can become stuck, or disk just stops spinning. When your hard drive has be physically damages, the costs from our competitors can be as high as $2500. However Rescue My Gadget has partnered with one of the premier recovery labs in the country.

We can provide these services starting around $129, and data recovery attempt is free if no data is recovered. Rescue My Gadget knows of no other company this affordable, skilled and reputable. Call 913-825-6830 or click the banner below for a price quote.

Rescue My Gadget offers DriveSavers Data Recovery. To learn more, click here.